End of an Era in the Republic as Democracy Begins New Reign

In a collaboration most likely fuelled by the Imperial Army and its aides King Peter II has abdicated from his position as Supreme Head of State discarding his royal lineage. This comes after almost two months of political strife and unrest in the Country which has led to the temporary closure of all media outlets in the Republic.

The King rumoured to have moved into a quiet neighbourhood northwest of the capital has abruptly disappeared from public view somewhat suspiciously as praise for the democracy consistently rules the headlines.

Clear enlightenment as to who is the new leader of the country is in doubt although there has been a newly elected parliament put in place today. A government spokesperson commented.. “This is a fantastic and new chapter in our Country’s history. We have made efforts to ensure that this is a bilateral decision and it is the best way to move forward in the present circumstances.” When asked on how this affects International Relations, He repiled, “All will continue as usual. I can assure you.” There were mixed emotions from minifigs to the news today with many in a confused state of mind. One was quoted as saying, “I can’t handle it, our country is spiralling down the drain, why ruin what we have built on for so many years, its just despicable.”

It is believed that there is an inside conspiracy within the Old Rule and its allies to overthrow Royalty. The government spokesman declined to reply on this.

This story will be updated as we receive further information.